Why does this generation need a sign?

“Why does this generation need a sign? Truly, I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.” -Mark 8: 12

Why does this generation need a sign? We should all ask ourselves this question. Why do we need a sign? If the word isn’t enough for us to believe in God and accept his son as our savour, then, what else is greater enough to inspire us to believe?

In Mark 8: 1-10, Jesus fed over four thousand people who followed him. He took seven loaves of bread and a few small fish and did the most important thing before feeding the people, he blessed the food. God heard his son’s prayer of blessing and responded by multiplying the little they had to feed each individual and have left over.

However, despite hearing of what Jesus had did and of all his works the Pharisees tried to test Jesus by asking him for a sign. A sign of what? That he was the son of God,  or that what they heard about Jesus was true? Despite their reason for needing a sign, Jesus asked an important question in verse 12 “why does this generation need a sign?” So, I ask the same question to this generation, Why do we need a sign?

We have all that we need and more to encourage us to believe in Christ, don’t we? We have unlimited access to the word, free long distance calling to Jesus, in fact we don’t even need to dial a ten digit number, Jesus is on speed dial. What else ? Lets see! He wakes us up each day, keeps us safe throughout the day, provides all we need and more and the most precious gift of all, life. I’m not talking about life in a physical sense but, a new found life in him. No matter what God does for us we continue to ask for signs. Signs to prove he is real, he cares and that he is listening.

Jesus’s response in verse 12 amazed me, he said “no sign will be given to this generation”. Now, why did Jesus say that? My belief is this…I believe Jesus was saying to us, this generation, he has already given us many signs which can be found in the word. Just like the Pharisees, we have already heard of how powerful God really is and can be. So, I don’t think needing a sign is what we really need. I believe that many of us already believe but just isn’t ready to act upon that belief. But, as Jesus said in verse 12 “no signs will be given.”

God is already speaking to each and everyone of us, it is now up to us to act on what he is saying to us. Maybe God is calling you to do something outside your comfort, maybe you’ve been praying for something and God is responding to that particular prayer, or maybe God is speaking to you about taking the next step in your walk with him. Whatever the situation, you don’t need any signs to prove who God is or that things will be okay. God wants you to trust in him, in his son and know that he is all mighty and powerful to handle any situation.

So, instead of asking for a sign, have faith in God that he will supply all you need and that he is working things out in your lives. Trust that he is in complete control. Don’t be like the Pharisees and ask for signs, although God’s been giving you signs a long time ago. Stop asking and start believing.

-What are you seeking a sign for? and why? Acknowledgement is the trust step to improvement.

Jemeisha Williams 





Tell it!

Psalm 107:2  “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story”.

I read a devotion today from the Daily Bread Devotional titled “Tell it”. After reading the devotional and the passage taken from Mark 5:1-20 of the story of Jesus Healing the man with a demon, I was inspired to share part of my own journey. Although God has done so much for me in my short 22 years on earth, he has done such great things for me over that past year. It began with a tough family experience. Through that experience God taught me how to smile and be joyful again. He showed me such deep love during a difficult time in my family life and personal life. He inspired me to look forward to joyful mornings. Through God’s love, grace and mercy I was able to rebuild my faith in him and trust that everything would be alright. God showed up just when I needed him most the past year and gave me the strength to continue. Through endless prayers, tears and continual trust in him, God kept his promise in caring for my family and I. Happily, I can say that throughout my life and journey as a Christian God has ordered my steps and encouraged me to continue serving him no matter the circumstances in life. If anyone has been inspired like I have I encourage you to share your own journey with others. We are all here to encourage and inspire one another through Jesus Christ.

What has Jesus done for you? Tell it” -Daily Bread Devotional

Jemeisha Williams