God Is Able

Whatever is a negative in our lives, God can turn it into a positive. Maybe you are facing issues in a relationship, finances, school, employment, forgiveness, the list goes on, God is able! He is able to turn any problem into a blessing. Often times, we take a good look at our circumstance and believe they have power over our lives. Truth is that God holds all the power. He holds the divine power of healing and the power of blessings. Whatever you are facing, know that God is able!

Prayer is key in any situation. Prayer is necessary in our relationship with God and gets us through difficult times as well as allow us to give thanks in good times. Through prayer, we are asking God to intercede and take control of our lives. We are asking Him to help us through difficult times and to also provide us with the strength to get through. There is nothing God cannot do.

Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Take a good, close look at this scripture. It is saying that no matter the circumstance, how big or small it may seem, we can overcome any obstacle in life through our Lord and saviour because he is where all our help and strength cometh from. God will supply all our needs and supply in us the strength to battle and get through any difficult situation. This doesn’t mean that at the snap of a finger, all our problems will vanish. But, rather that with God on our side, we can fight and overcome all obstacles.

Stay encouraged through all life’s circumstance and remain faithful knowing the God is in complete control and that together you can be victorious.

God Is Able!

Jemeisha Williams