There is something powerful in today’s message. Earlier today, on my way to class, I got into a bit of a disagreement with two young men. Immediately I was filled with anger and bitterness. I wanted my point to be heard and have the last say in the  disagreement. I didn’t want the young men to feel as if they had succeeded in whatever they had intended to do. After leaving the situation I found that I was still angry and bitter because of what had happened. On my way to my meet a friend I pulled out my phone and read today’s scripture. 

There is such power in what the scripture is teaching us as God’s children. We should not allow our hearts to be consumed by anger, bitterness, malice or hurt. Instead put our situations to God and trust the he is able to work them out. Despite what others may say or do to us, let us remember what God is saying. That is, to love one another and be kind, forgiving whatever was done to us. 

I know first hand that it is not an easy task. That is why God is willing and able to help us through the process. Remember that everything is a process and we can not Get through this process with God. 

I encourage whoever reads this, to challenge yourself the next time you are in a situation of anger, bitterness or hurt to lean on God for support and healing.

-Be Blessed and remain humble

Jemeisha Williams