17.He reached down from heaven. He took hold of me.
He lifted me out of deep waters.
18. He saved me from my powerful enemies.
He set me free from those who were too strong for me.
19.They stood up to me when I was in trouble.
But the Lord helped me.
20. He brought me out into a wide and safe place.
He saved me because he was pleased with me. 

-2 Samuel 22:17-20

God sees our troubles and will never leave us. He will help us through every difficult time. Just as He delighted in David, He will also delight in us. We can rest knowing that God is in complete control and is already working things out for us.

God delights in saving his children


God is pleased when we obediently play our essential part in His plan. When we fully give ourselves to doing the work of the Lord, we will find value and meaning in our service as it brings glory to God and draws others to Him. –Cindy Hess Kasper¬†